Monday, August 30, 2010

Christina hendricks emmys 2010, the sexiest women

Christina Hendricks Emmys 2010, the sexiest women with lot of assets

Christina Hendricks, from Mad Man was surely the spot light of the Emmys 2010. The lady with 39-30-39 figure is still the most acceptable lady in the industry. She was the sexiest women in 2010 by Esquire magazine.

Christina Hendricks appeared on Emmys 2010 in blue dressing showing her lot of assets and tempting the entire crowd. Christina Hendricks played the role of office Manager Joan Holloway on the hit drama “Mad Man”.

Christina recently told media that she was having problems in finding a dress for her from the elite designers.

She stated that people have been talking nice and wonderful about me, even then not a single designer in the town will loan me a dress. The designers are offering dresses with size 0 and 2 and I am still struggling to get a right outfit for my figure.

She is still comfortable with her oversize because her curvy over figure is very much acknowledged not only on the drama series but in the industry as well.

On the day, most of the fans of Christina Hendricks were waiting to watch the star with big assets wore a Lavender Zac Posen gown. She usually wears dresses designs by Christian Siriano and L’Wren Scott.

Well, the fans really thanked Christina Hendricks on Emmy for her appearance and presenting at least a high tempting figure on the show.
Christina hendricks emmys 2010

Angstro a social network service to compete facebook

Angstro a social network service
Angstro has announced on its website that Google has acquired Angstro. The website post is from Angstro founder Rohit Khare.

It is reported that Google Inc has acquired Angstro in a bid to build a social networking service that can easily and comprehensively compete Facebook Inc.

The financial terms of the deal are yet to be disclosed but it would have been a big deal for Angstro. The Angstro founder Rohit Khare however has said that he remain adheres to Angsro mission of sorting information about individuals on web.

Rohit Khare has written in his post that the quest for open and interoperable social networks is still in its infancy.

According to Rohit Khare, Angstro products include applications to find new photos on Facebook, an improved Caller ID with the help of LinkedIn profiles. He added that Angstro is capable of creating a real-time social address book.

The move of acquiring Angstro by Google is said to be the latest effort by Google to enhance its social networking offers. Google is considered way behind in this area from Facebook and other social networking sites.

Google’s quest for having a social network to compete Facebook emerges more strongly in the wake of failure of Google Buzz, the recent social networking product by Google that fetch it a lot of negative response on privacy issues as users were not satisfied with the way users’ data was handled at Google Buzz.

Angstro is going to add another feather in Google cap but Google still has to go a long way round to find reliability among users as provider of social networking platform.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Surgeons remove a giant tumors from woman’s womb

London: Surgeons have removed a giant tumour weighing 22 kg from a woman, which had been growing inside her body for 18 months.

The huge growth was taken out of the 54-year-old’s womb during a four-hour operation at a hospital near Buenos Aires in Argentina.

malignant tumourSurgeons believe the malignant tumour is one of the biggest ever removed in the world. Malignant tumours of this type usually weigh between two and three kg, reports the Daily Mail.

Lead surgeon Oscar Lopez said: “I’ve never seen anything like it in my 34 years of medical service. A giant tumour is one that weighs more than 4.3 kg.

He added, “Its weight is comparable to that of a four-year-old boy’s. In layman’s terms, it was as if this woman had been pregnant with quintuplets.”

The woman had trouble performing everyday tasks like walking and bending down to tie her show lace.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Creative paper cutting art pics

Very Creative Papercut Art

Peter Callesen is a Danish artist who works almost exclusively with white paper in different objects, paper cuts, installations, and performances. His cool paper works are based around an exploration of the relationship between two and three dimensionality. Peter’s project sizes range from monumental to minuscule.

creative paper cutt
creative paper cutt
creative paper cutt
creative paper cutt
Creative Papercut
Creative Papercut
Creative Papercut
Creative Papercut
paper cut art pics
paper cut art pics
paper cut art pics
paper cut art pics
paper cut art image
paper cut art image
paper cut art image

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wooden sculptures randall rosenthal | Book sculptures | Newspapers

The things you’re about to see might look like just a bunch of uninteresting everyday items that don’t deserve any attention, but every one of them has been hand carved from a single piece of wood.

Carving a piece of wood into a bunch of newspapers, or books is hard enough, but using trompe l’oeil painting techniques, Randall Rosenthal manages to make his works look just like the real thing. Trying to keep his audience guessing, he normally just allows just one of his sculptures to be touched, while leaving them to discover if the rest are also made of wood.

His “Lunch Money” sculpture, representing stacks of hundred dollar bills in a corrugated cardboard box took six weeks to carve and another six to finish painting. To get their hands on that kind of wooden cash, art lovers had to pay $25,000, the real kind.

Wooden sculptures randall rosenthal

Wooden sculptures randall rosenthal

Wooden sculptures randall rosenthal

Book sculptures randall rosenthal

Book sculptures randall rosenthal

Book sculptures randall rosenthal

Newspapers sculptures randall rosenthal

Newspapers sculptures randall rosenthal

Newspapers sculptures randall rosenthal

sculptures randall rosenthal

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Art made by used lottery tickets

Lottery tickets don’t mean much after you’ve scratched away the glittering layer only to see your hopes go up in smoke, but that doesn’t mean the little paper slips can’t serve a brand new purpose.

Ghosts of a Dream is an artistic duo made of Adam Ecksrom and Lauren Was, two talented graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design. They take the used lottery tickets and recreate what people usually dream of winning when they buy them. You could say the tickets go from dreams to complete garbage and finally turn into something (sort of) real.

Everything Ghosts of Dreams creates is made of various salvaged objects and thousands of discarded lottery tickets. Among their most impressive projets are the Dream Home, a make-belief home made from $70,000 worth of lottery tickets, the Dream Car, a Hummer mockup made with $39,000 worth of lottery tickets, or the Dream Vacation created with $29,000 worth of tickets.

lottery tickets
lottery tickets
lottery tickets
lottery tickets
lottery tickets
lottery tickets
lottery tickets
lottery tickets
lottery tickets
lottery tickets
lottery tickets

Van gogh painting worth $50 million is still missing

Poppy FlowersEgypt’s culture minister has said that a Van Gogh painting worth $50 million is still missing after it was stolen from a Cairo museum.

The painting called ‘Poppy Flowers’, also known as ‘Vase and Flowers’ was “cut from its frame” at the Mahmoud Khalil Museum on Saturday, Farouk Hosni said.

van gogh paintingAccording to BBC, Hosni said two Italians were arrested at Cairo Airport and the small canvas found, but later claimed that he was provided with “inaccurate information”.

Hosni said that only 10 people visited the museum on Saturday. “Measures are under way to uncover the circumstances of the incident and retrieve the painting,” he said. The same painting was previously taken from the same museum in 1978, but recovered a decade later in Kuwait. Measuring 30 cm by 30 cm, and depicting yellow and red flowers, it is believed to have been painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1887, three years before he shot himself.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fat chinese baby | Michelin baby | Chubby chinese baby

A Chinese baby has become so chubby he now weighs the same as a six-year-old child.

Ten-month-old Lei Lei has been nicknamed the ‘Michelin Baby’ after tipping the scales at a whopping 20kg (3.1 stones).

According to his mother, Cheng Qingyu, her son was a normal weight at birth, but thanks to his ravenous appetite he has steadily ballooned since.

Fat chinese babyChubby chops: Lei Lei weighs 20lbs but can just about be lifted up by his mother Cheng Qingyu

Michelin babyHungry: Lei Lei, who was a normal weight at birth, loves to eat

She said: ‘No matter whatever he grabs, he unconsciously puts it in his mouth.

‘His most favourite thing is to eat.’

Lei Lei is currently in hospital in Yiyang, southern China’s Hunan province, where he is undergoing tests to see if there is a medical reason behind his weight gain.

Chubby chinese babyAll smiles: Lei Lei is currrently being observed in hospital to see if there is a medical explanation for his size

Fat asian babyHe's a grower: The portly youngster plays contentedly in his cot

Spain bull rampage | Bull injured 40 people in northern spain

Is this the red rag that set the bull off? Man in England shirt dives for safety as beast goes on rampage through Spanish crowd. At 9:48 AM on 20th August 2010

Resting his chin in his hands and enjoying the Spanish sun, this man in a red England shirt has no idea that he is about to come face to face with a rampaging, enraged beast.

Seconds later he is fleeing for his life as one bull leaps into the stands at a bullring and charges through the crowd.

At least 40 people were injured when the 1,100lb animal scaled the perimeter fence and tore through the crowd in Tafalla, Spain, sending spectators fleeing for their lives.
Spain bull rampageHmmm, that bull is starting to get a little close to the fence: The man in the England jersey, circled, watches the creature - seemingly oblivious to what is about to happen

Spain bull rampageOMG: The Lion comes face to face with 1,100 pounds of fury as the bull leaps over the perimeter fence. The England fan must have been able to feel the creature's hot breath in his face

Spain bull rampageIt's go time: Lucky for the fan, the bull stumbles over the fence - giving him an extra split second to leap up and flee

bull rampageI'm an England fan, get me out of here! The fan - who by now has lost his sunglasses - puts valuable feet between him and the bull

Among the injured was a ten-year-old boy, who was taken to hospital with serious stomach wounds. One man was gored in the back.

The incident happened during an event attended by about 3,500 spectators, in which contestants known as recortadores try to get a bull to charge at them so they can dodge it.

But the bull jumped out of the ring, clearing two barriers before landing in the stands and lurching through the screaming crowd, charging at everything it could.

He appeared to be taking particular aim at the man in the England jersey.

But, despite the phrase 'like a red rag to a bull', the animals are actually colour blind. When a matador waves his red cape in the ring, it is the movement, not the colour, that attracts the creature.

bull rampageToo close for comfort: The creature charges, leaving people with little room for escape

bull rampageFear: A man prepares to shield a young child from the advancing bull, blood visible on its horns (above and below)

rampage bull
rampage bullBrave: A man grabs the bull's tail in a vain attempt to control it

rampage bull in northern spainDistraction tactics A cape is thrown at the beast in an effort to distract it. The bull was caught and later lifted out of the ring with a crane and killed

One brave spectator even grabbed the bull by the tail in an attempt to slow it down. The animal had already tried to jump into the stands twice.

After damaging a horn, it was about to be returned to the corral and replaced with another bull when it tried a third time and succeeded.

The panic on Wednesday lasted for several minutes before handlers managed to rope the bull and bring it under control. It was later killed.

rampage bull in northern spainPanic at the bullring: Terrified onlookers flee for their lives after a bull leapt over a barrier and ran wild among spectators in Tafalla, Navarra, northern Spain
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