Saturday, August 06, 2011

5 Amazing restaurants and geek bars

1. Miracle of Science (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Miracle of ScienceOpened in 1991, Miracle of Science stands strong as the leader in geek-chic. Its menu is hand written onto the wall and it was one of the first restaurants to employ the open floor concept. This place is always packed with artists, musicians, geo physicists and computer gurus who know they don't have to go anywhere else looking for a good time.

2. Hajime Restaurant (Thailand)

Hajime Restaurant in BangkokThe Hajime Restaurant in Bangkok is Thailand's first Japanese robot restaurant, where all the serving waiters are robots.

Customers order their food on a touchscreen display and their robotic waiter will whizz into action. The friendly robots will also dance to entertain as they work and go out to collect empty dishes at the customers' table. The owner of the Hajime Japanese restaurant, Lapassarad Thanaphant, said she spent 30 million baht ($927,600) on the restaurant including the purchase of four robots from Japan.

3. Barcade Bar (Brooklyn, NY)

Barcade bar in brooklynIn 2004, five friends came together and opened their own bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Each had been working in either film/TV or graphic design in New York and four of them had attended Syracuse University together. They were enthusiastic about American craft beer and had grown up in the 1980's playing classic arcade games. Looking to start their own business, they decided to take a chance and combine the two passions. Barcade bar with a dual focus; an endless rotation of American craft beer and an equally eclectic lineup of classic arcade games.

4. World of Warcraft Restaurant (China)

World of Warcraft restaurant in BeijingA World of Warcraft themed restaurant in central Beijing, serving WoW inspired food under Azeroth-themed murals. The food remains a mystery - if any readers want to translate the menu please do - but there do seem to be PCs there so we suspect a slight LAN party ambience. Maybe not the ideal venue for that anniversary dinner you promised your significant other.

5. Mundo Tapas Bar (Sydney)

Mundo Tapas in North SydneyMundo Tapas in North Sydney provides an iPad as the menu for customers to browse and order from. Diners can now see a picture of what each dish looks like and view tasting notes before making that all important decision of what to order. So come on in and spice up your senses and be part of the new way to dine
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