Thursday, February 01, 2007

Firefox gone wild with 101 Extensions

Wonder what your lovely Firefox will looks like if you use so many extensions? See the pic below.

This is sure crazy. What this guy doing with all of those extensions in his Firefox? Beside it will takes so long to open the Firefox, it also will eat the ram so much. Unless this guy has 2Gigs of ram in his comp. But…it still eat the ram right?


Ryan said...

Some people are like that. I have seen a lot before. Sometimes, when a download or install extension popup, they just click OK or Yes.

Maybe some people hate to click Cancel or No when there's a dialog box.

I have also seen people stuff their browsers with 101 toolbars, searchbars and so on.

JC said...

More over I cant see half of my screen with all those extensions...

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