Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Twin sisters gave birth to their first child on same day

Two South Florida Twin sisters gave birth to their first child on same day. As fraternal twins, Cristina and Alexandra Lima have always been very close. "It's fun, we haven't ever known anything different. It's a built-in best friend," said Alexandra.

When Alexandra and her husband moved across the country to California, and then Las Vegas, it was very difficult for these twins to be apart. "So hard, so we ended up texting and blackberry messaging 27 times a day," said Alexandra. Everyone was taken by surprise at just how close these twins were connected. "I think it really shows the amazing power of sisterhood," said Dr. Randy Fink who delivered both babies.

Twin sisters gave birth

"Well, I found out first," said Cristina. A week after Cristina learned of her pregnancy, Alexandra found out she was also pregnant. Both with girls with due dates only one day apart. Alexandra knew she had to be with her twin sister during this special time, so she and her husband moved back to South Florida. On Wednesday, the two who already share so much became new mothers on the same day, delivering at Baptist Hospital in Kendall. "They probably would have conceived within 72 hours of each other, across the country, which is very unusual," said Dr. Fink.

Ava was delivered by C-section and weighed 9 pounds 8 ounces, and Olivia, who was delivered naturally, was 8 pounds 5 ounces. "Even to us, it's bizarre," said Alexandra. "We have so many similarities being twins, but we could never have predicted or asked for something as special as this. We are really blessed." The twins said even though the two beautiful baby girls are not technically twins, they will probably grow up feeling like they are. "We'd like them to grow up close like we did. like sisters. and if we dress them the same on any given day. that's the bonus," said Cristina.


Killsteve said...

1 had a C-Section, and the other a natural birth??

So you're saying they did it on purpose? Not really that fantastic then.

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