Friday, January 26, 2007

Drawing youtube

This is a short version of the videos i did. I'm drawing people on youtube. Do you want me to draw a picture of you? Just ask me. I'll be glad to do it.

using: pen, pencil, water color, oil pastel, dry pastel, aquarele and stuff i don't remember

THE ORIGINAL: Britney Spears acting very strange or "STONED"

Britney Spears talks about how she believes that it's possible to time travel like in "Back to the Future." She also burps and talks about being ugly.

EDIT: To clear some rumors up, NO this was not "leaked" to me by Kevin or Britney or anyone. It was from the DVD extra's of Chaotic. Britney was not pregnant durring the time of this video, it was shot in 2004 while she was on her European tour. I am not claiming Britney Spears was under any substances while this video was taken, but it sure seems like it.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Amazing garden

Cool Illustrations

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