Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mentally Retarded Tiger


This is just one weird looking creature


Dan said...


Anonymous said...

that's so sad and adorable.

Anonymous said...

ITS SOOO CUTE!!!! I love this little guy he reminds me of my cat, but i feel sorry for him... everybody calling him retarted how would you know?

Anonymous said...

he looks like an autistic tiger but a cute one at that

itchypoodle said...

i cant remember what his name is, but he dose infact have a mental health problem >_<
his farther and mother were actually brother and sister.

this little guy happens when you try and keep up the population of an animal thats becoming extinct and not realising your inbreeding them >_<

i read up on him a couple of years ago =P

Anonymous said...

little guy? its a tiger lol, probably weighs about twice what you do, at least.

Anonymous said...

he looks like a walrus lol

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