Friday, July 01, 2011

Creative necklaces art | Necklaces made from human hair

Kerry howley, a creative necklaces art student, from cambridge, england, is creating quite a buzz in the art world, with her collection of delicate necklaces made from human hair.

Creative necklaces artThe idea of creating jewelry from human hair was inspired by people’s aversion to cut hair. Hair is usually regarded as a very important part of the human body and is worn with pride, but once its connection to the body has been severed, it’s viewed as slightly disgusting. Through her art, the young middlesex student “hoped to create a delicate balance between the viewer/wearer’s feelings of aversion and attraction.” She wanted to see if she could make cut hair attractive again.

Hair raising necklacesThe main material for howley’s masterpieces was provided by one of her mother’s friends, a japanese woman with hair down to her waist. She only cuts it once every five years, and when she had 30 cm cut off the bottom, she gave it all to kerry. The 23-year-old art student used broken saw blades to cut and weave the strands of hair into abstract shapes inspired by wallpaper patterns, and spent over 60 hours working on each of the five hair necklaces she has created so far.

human hair necklaceskerry howley’s collection of unique human hair necklaces has already won an award, and will on display at the business design center, in london, from june 29 until july 2nd.

Necklaces from human hair
Necklaces art


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