Saturday, May 30, 2009

10 more splendid atomic explosions picture

10 More Splendid Atomic Explosions Picture. These asplosions take such beautiful shape when they detonate, it`s a shame they`re made for mass slaughter.

Splendid Atomic Explosions Picture

Friday, May 29, 2009

Strange tattoo of the day picture

Strange Tattoo Of The Day Picture. Who you tryin` to get crazy with ese? Don`t you know I`m loco?

Strange tattoo

Bird uses body as dam to stop drainpipe soaking nest

A bird used her body as a dam to stop overflowing drainpipe water from soaking her chicks.

The Mistle Thrush had built her nest on top of a downpipe, blocking the water's passage and causing the gutter to flood.

But desperate to protect her young, she puffed herself up to twice her size and sat in the drainpipe to stop the tide of rain water swamping the nest.
She was so occupied with her task that her mate was left to feed her and their young.

The images were captured by amateur wildlife photographer Dennis Bright at a house in Fareham, Hampshire.

Mr Bright said he was astounded by the female bird's behaviour.

"The nest was tucked away from the weather in the shade of the roof but it was so close to the downpipe the gutter flooded when it rained.

"It was only a matter of seconds before the pipe flooded, and water cascaded over the sides."

Mr Bright said he was amazed by the bird's ingenuity.

"She had to come up with a solution so she puffed herself up so she was twice the size of her mate and used her body as a cork to stop the water - it was absolutely amazing.

"She was very dedicated, sitting there even when the rain was hammering down. Then every half an hour she would get out, dry herself off and come back.

"The male was doing most of the work - feeding her and the chicks when she was sitting in the pipe. I feel so lucky to have witnessed something so rare and unique."

Hester Phillips, from the RSPB, said she had never seen such a situation.

"We've heard of them nesting in some unusual sites before, namely on the top of traffic light, but we've certainly not come across anything like this before.

"Birds can be amazingly hardy creatures, their endurance is incredible - especially when protecting their young."
Image Hosted by
The female thrush's body is semi-submerged in the water of the gutter as she holds back the flow, protecting the nest and her chicks Photo: SOLENT

A hungry tiger has been capture in russia

A hungry tiger has been captured in Russia - after it was run over when it tried to pounce on a motorbike rider.

The big cat leapt at the biker as he drove along the road in Vyazemsk, Russia, but was hit in mid-air by a car.

'It just ran right in front of me - I hit it just as it was about to leap on the bike rider,' the driver of the car told local media.

hungry tiger
The tiger on the road before being captured

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Largest luxury hotel on the coast of the mediterranean sea

Russian billionaire, the former owner of Moscow’s renowned Cherkizovsky Market, Telman Ismailov, surprised the whole world on Saturday (May 23) as he opened his luxury hotel – Mardan Palace in Antalya, Turkey.

The largest luxury hotel on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea has crystal balusters and a three-storeyed night club. Arab sheikhs never saw such a palace in their dreams – they now have a very good reason to envy the Russian oligarch.

Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Monica Belucci, Paris Hilton, Russian celebrities and several officials of the Moscow city government attended the solemn ceremony to open the palace. Mariah Carey, Seal and Tom Jones were hired to perform at the opening of the most expensive luxury hotel in Europe. Acrobats, caviar and fantastic fireworks were also present. Mr. Ismailov himself compared the ceremony with the grand opening of the Olympic Games.

Europe's most expensive luxury hotel
The hotel construction project is evaluated at $1.65 billion.

The fact that Russian billionaires prefer to spend their earnings abroad does not surprise anyone now. Some of them relax with supermodels on most expensive resorts, others purchase yachts, castles and football clubs.

Mardan Palace stands out from all those occupations. The palace was built during the time of the crisis. The construction industry in Moscow is experiencing hard times now, but it does not seem to be a problem for Mr. Ismailov.

In October 2006, Ismailov hired US pop singer Jennifer Lopez to perform at his birthday. The businessman paid Lopez $1.5 million for her performance.

World's first stadium whose power is based on solar panels

World's first stadium who's power is based on solar panels.
This stadium is based in Taiwan. It is used for world games.
There are 8,884 panels on its roofs. It coasted $150 m to build it.
Here are some pictures of the construction of this stadium.

Solar stadium in taiwan

Solar stadium in taiwan

Solar stadium in taiwan

Solar stadium in taiwan

Solar stadium in taiwan

Solar stadium in taiwan

Solar stadium in taiwan

Solar stadium in taiwan

Solar stadium in taiwan

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

World's smallest helicopter experienced in moscow

The world's smallest helicopter was experienced in Moscow. This aircraft weighs only 70kg and it made an entry into the Guinness Book of Records.

The helicopter was designed by the President of Engineering System Co. Japan, Mr. Gennai Yanagisawa. The company officials say that it usually takes about 40 hours to assemble the helicopter.

The aircraft looks like a chair on the wheels with two helicopter vanes.

The helicopter is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 60 mph and a height of 3,000 meters.

The frame of the GEN H-4 is made of two-inch aluminum pipes. Located in front of the pilot is the control pod with the throttle, tachometer, main switch, starter switch and yaw switch. Four GEN125 engines power this helicopter.

World's smallest helicopterThe helicopter is powered by four engines which make it safe. If one or two of the engines stop working, two other engines will be powerful enough to continue the flight. For emergency situations the helicopter is equipped with the parachute.

The lightweight transmission consists of cast aluminum upper and lower cases with a total of 27 precision ground, with heat-treated gears sandwiched in between. Two rotors travel in opposite directions, keeping the helicopter stable by counteracting each other's torque, so that there is no need for a tail rotor. Yaw is controlled through a differential gear within the transmission, driven by an electric motor. The fuel type required is a 30:1 mixture of automobile gasoline and two stroke oil.

For those Russians who want to become the owners of the aircraft, the helicopter is available at the price of 2 million rubles ($65,000).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weird And Wonderful Bars Of Soap

weird and wonderful Bars Of Soap. It's not a bag of poop, it's soap.
weird and wonderful bars soap

Sumo wrestler soap, if you have ever dreamed of cleaning your skin with a fat, sweaty, asian.
Sumo wrestler soap

Burger and fries soap, if you dream of the meal, without all the calories. Don't eat it though, or you will fart bubbles.
<br />Burger and fries soap

Delicious bunt cake? Nope, soap.
Delicious bunt cake

What better way to keep kids away from toxic soap that to disguise it as tasty chocolate peanut butter cups.
toxic soap

Ah, looks like a found a better way... Disguise it as oreos and milk.
oreos and milk soap

Obama soap, or at least a creepy, flesh colored, emaciated obama soap.
Obama soap

Mountain dew scented x box controller soap. Every nerds fantasy?
x box controller soap

Hot dog and bun soap. A little too phallic for my taste.
Hot dog and bun soap

I phone soap. I don't know how many times i have accidentally taken my soap to a business meeting, or used my i-phone to wash my hands. Bad news, wouldn't recommend it.
I phone soap

Sushi soap, if your idea of smelling fresh is old fish.
Sushi soap

Super nintendo controller soap.
nintendo controller soap

Doggy chew toy soap.
Doggy chew toy soap

Potato shaped soap. Works much better than an actual potato.
Potato shaped soap

Old school keyboard soap.
Old school keyboard soap

Pc monitor and keyboard soap. For the it guy in all of us.
Pc monitor and keyboard soap

Wii controller soap. It really needs a strap though, so you don't accidentally throw it in the shower.
Wii controller soap

Old school nes controller soap. Up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start.
<br />Old school nes controller soap

Bacon soap, actually kills the swine flu virus.
Bacon soap

Bowl full of cheerios. Even the cheerios are soap.
cheerios soap

Denture soap. Great for swapping out for your grandparents fake teeth.
Denture soap

A bunch of creepy hands soap.
creepy hands soap
Exclusive & Strange Bars Of Soap

Monday, May 25, 2009

Horror tale printed on toilet paper in japan

In a country where ghosts are traditionally believed to hide in the loo, a Japanese company is advertising a new literary experience _ a horror tale printed on toilet paper.

Each roll carries several copies of a new nine-chapter novella written by Koji Suzuki, the Japanese author of the horror tale "Ring," which has been made into movies in both Japan and Hollywood.

"Drop," set in a public restroom, takes up about three feet (90 centimeters) of a roll and can be read in just a few minutes, according to the manufacturer, Hayashi Paper.

The company promotes the toilet paper, which will sell for 210 yen ($2.20) a roll, as "a horror experience in the toilet."

Toilets in Japan were traditionally tucked away in a dark corner of the house due to religious beliefs. Parents would tease children that a hairy hand might pull them down into the dark pool below.

Horror tale printed on toilet paper in japan

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kashmir goat | Goat as a member of the royal army | Billy the goat

Having a goat as a member of the Royal Army might seem funny to most people, but it has been a British tradition for more than 200 years.

Lance Corporal William Windsor has served in the army for the last eight years, traveling overseas, meeting royalty and leading military parades. His comrades from the 1st Battalion of the Royal Welsh said goodbye to their loyal colleague as he walked by to the trailer that took him to the zoo, where he will spend his retirement.

Billy the Goat is a Kashmir goat and was offered as a gift to the Royal Army, by the Queen herself. Billy’s replacement will be announced in June, when another kid goat will be picked from a heard in Great Orme, North Wales.

Photos by PA and Reuters.

Billy the goatRoyal salute: Billy, a Kashmir goat, was a gift from the Queen in 2001

Billy the goatGuard of honour: The retiring goat, wearing full ceremonial dress, is led out for the last time by handler Lance Corporal Ryan Arthur

Billy the goatFond farewell: The route from pen to trailer was lined by soldiers from the Chester-based regiment to say thank you to Billy for many years of service

Billy a Kashmir goatFull ceremony: Billy, who is nine, prepares to travel in a trailer to Whipsnade Zoo

Billy a Kashmir goatPride: Billy, whose real name is William Windsor, bears a silver plaque - a gift from the Queen - a tradition that goes back to Queen Victoria's donation in 1884

Billy a Kashmir goatLeaving home: Lance Cpl Ryan Arthur leads Billy through their digs in Chester

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hungarian stork gets a new beak

Tamas Kothay made an artifical beak for the stork out of synthetic resin

A stork with a damaged beak has been given a new, artificial one thanks to experts at a bird hospital in Hungary.

The stork damaged its beak in an accident and was taken to the Hortobagy Birds' Hospital, 180km (111 miles) east of the capital Budapest.

The bird's lower beak was repaired in an operation and Tamas Kothay, a specialist in dental prostheses, built a new top beak out of synthetic resin.

If the bird makes a full recovery it will be released back into the wild.

Dr Deri Janos, who helped in the one-hour operation to fix the top beak, said the stork had probably broken its beak by flying into a wall.

They believe the bird is about three years old.

Hungarian stork gets a new beak
Without the operation it would have needed hand-feeding for the rest of its life and would have been unable to return to the wild.

The bird hospital has been in operation since 1991 and has returned about 40% of its patients back to the wild.


Nightclub are getting stricter picture

Nightclubs Are Getting Stricter [picture]. Once they start checking guys like this at the door with rulers, we`re all in trouble.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weird and wonderful tattoo of the day picture

Weird and wonderful tattoo of the day [Picture]. this guy will never ever feel lonely again.

Weird Tattoo

10 More strange photos from fancy’s hard drive

10 More strange photos from fancy’s hard drive. No matter what you read or hear, #4 is not fancy lad.

fancy’s hard drive

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

World’s ugliest animals | Bug | Fine Cuisine | Warthog

Close Encounter: A Bug’s Face
bugAren’t you glad nobody puts your face under a microscope? The Dobsonfly was featured in the Oklahoma Microscopy Society’s “Ugly Bug Contest.” The picture submitted into the contest was processed using a scanning electron microscope, which magnifies the bug 10 to 500 times their original size, revealing the true features of the bug. Sometimes the truth is best left untold.

Fine Cuisine
Fine CuisineSo what if the monkfish has an extremely large tooth-filled mouth, a peculiar flattened body, and loose, slimy skin? Millions of people in Europe, Japan, and in the United States love to consume this large, ugly, bottom-dwelling fish. Just don’t look before you dine.

A Face Only a Mother Could Love
WarthogThe Warthog definitely has ugly potential. These unusual pigs have a barrel-shaped body, a big, wide head ornamented with six facial warts, and huge curved canine tusks. The average height is 25-33 inches and they run 110-330 pounds.

Back from the dead…
from the deadThe Almiqui was believed to be extinct for many years - until 2003, when the creature was found in the island’s eastern mountains. We celebrate it’s journey “back to life,” and intend on giving the creature proper recognition…that is, a place in our “Ugliest Animals” Hall of Fame.

If Looks Can Kill
TurtleThe competition really heated up once this photo of a Matamata Turtle surfaced. Translated from Spanish, matamata means “I kill, I kill”. You surely are killing our eyes! Amongst the major standout features of this hideous creature, is the head and neck, which is large, flat and covered with numerous protuberances, warts, and ridges. It has an extremely wide mouth, and very small eyes, which is situated near its long snout. Sadly, the limbs of the Matamata Turtle are poorly developed…so is the face, the slimy body, etc…
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