Tuesday, July 31, 2007

World's largest camel race

camelA race by 468 camels around a 4km-track in Layoune, in Western Sahara, has, say the organisers, broken a world record with some 100 more entrants than previously recorded - although this is still to be ratified.
It was the high point in a week-long festival celebrating the culture of the Saharawi people.
The entrants included 100 one-humped dromedaries, known as Arabian camels, and 200 Bactrian camels, which have two humps.
Camels need to be in peak physical condition to race.
Younger camels tend to run quicker than their older counterparts, so races are often divided into different categories.
Here, races take place featuring camels either above or below five years old.
camelThe starting line-up
The track was not wide enough for all 468 competitors.
This meant several heats of about 50 camels each were staged over three days.
camelThe race
Camels are known for their stamina and endurance.
They can run over short distances at speeds of about 30km an hour.

Google shop located at Venezuela

GoogleAnother Google shop located at Venezuela. They used the full Google logo this Venezuelan shop even steals the Trade Mark.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fashion Bus shop debuts in Shanghai

Bus shopA little fashion shop whose shape closely resembles a bus appeared recently in an underground mall in Shanghai. It is equipped with seats and other bus facilities within and attracted many customers.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tree with an ear

Amazing TreeA tourist has a photo taken besides a cypress, on July 24, which bears a scar closely resembling a human ear in shape.The cypress, at least 900 years old, stands in front of the Taihao Mausoleum of Huaiyang county, central China’s Henan province.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Twins successfully separated

TwinsConjoined twins Wen Wen and An An are pictured before a surgical operation at the first hospital of Hebei medical university in Shijiazhang, North China’s Hebei Province July 22, 2007. Wen Wen and An An were successfully separated after a 14-hour plus 40 minutes separation surgery at the hospital.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pregnant ladies in fashion

PregnantPregnant ladies stand in line to show the cartoon figures on their abdomens during a contest of colored drawing for pregnant mothers at a hospital in Haikou, capital of south China’s Hainan province, Monday, July 23, 2007.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Australia crowned Miss Bikini

Miss BikiniAmy Jane Sutton of Australia salutes audiences after winning the title of Miss Bikini during the finals of Miss Tourism Queen International competition in Nanyang, central China’s Henan Province, July 23, 2007. Miss Tourism Queen International was founded in 1949 and has been held in more than 80 countries. The competition landed in China for the first time in 2004.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The top paid model in 2007

top paid modelAccording to estimated earnings over the past 12 months, Forbes compiled this year's list of The World's 15 Top-Earning Models. With raking in $33 million, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, the ex-girlfriend of Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio has become the top paid model in 2007. Her earnings are more than triple the $9 million banked by Kate Moss, who came in second.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Samsung's 70-inch LCD panel

LCD TVGPNC launched its 70-inch LCD TV for electronic board in Korea market, which adopts Samsung’s LCD TV panel supporting full HD, 8000:1 contrast ratio, 8ms response speed and 700 cd/m2 brightness.
As the 70-inch electronics blackboard is equipped with built-in computer, users can convert TV to pc by using remote control and utilize a variety of video, photo and text files stored in pc, and directly search information on the web. It also offers touchscreen, wireless LAN and wireless keyboard.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

China's Bubbly Aquatics Center

China's Bubbly Aquatics Center Nears Completion

A solid block of water appears to have rained down on Beijing's Olympic Green. While most architecture buffs have been focused on Herzog & de Meuron's National Stadium -- dubbed the Bird's Nest for its curved shape and overlapping structural supports -- its neighbor, the National Aquatics Center, just might steal the show come opening day. Designed by Australia's PTW Architects, engineering firm Arup, and China State Construction Design International, the so-called Water Cube has a structural system unlike any other building. No wonder -- it's based on an age-old physics problem related to bubbles.

Left: Bird's Nest or bubbles? The refreshing Water Cube rises in front of the main Olympic stadium in Beijing. PTW, Arup and CCDI won an international competition to build the National Aquatics Center with a design that resembles a heavy-duty block of flavor-free Jell-O.


"Our engineers became obsessed with the concept of bubbles," says PTW project director John Bilmon. Combing through existing literature on the structure of bubbles and foam, PTW and Arup discovered an old physics problem originally elaborated by Lord Kelvin in the 19th century that concerns the most efficient method of subdividing space in equal-volume cells. Kelvin proposed that the answer involved identical geometric bubbles. But in 1994, Denis Weaire and Robert Phelan, physics professors at Trinity College, did one better by finding a more efficient way of subdividing space with a foam that used two bubbles of equal volume but different shape. That mathematical foam became the basis for the Water Cube.


Arup translated Weaire and Phelan's discovery into architecture by shifting emphasis from individual planes to a series of lines and nodes -- elements that could later be represented by steel beams and connectors on a construction site. "Arup was able to take Weaire and Phelan's models and convert them into equivalent formulas using structural language and algorithms," says Bilmon. "They were then able to produce a geometrical model that could be used for an architectural application."


Arup's digital model offered an infinite web of bubbles. PTW lopped off a perfect square, and then carved out the spaces needed for pools and other facilities. But there was a problem -- the façade and roof showed repeating patterns, which didn't look like the random soapy mounds found in your bathtub.

To create seemingly random patterns for the façade and roof, Arup and PTW rotated the digital foam along different axes and took snapshots as it turned. "The computer power to do that was immense. It took the combined computers of PTW and Arup together, working over weekends, just chugging out these calculations," says Bilmon. "Ultimately, we found a pattern that provided a variety of bubble sizes on the façade while also retaining a number of repeating patterns that allowed the building to be built more easily." In fact, the connectors used to build the structure share common geometries and were prefabricated off-site.

The foam structure is about more than good looks. "It's a very appropriate structure to use in Beijing because of the earthquake conditions that exist there," says Bilmon. "It's a highly flexible structure and it responds extremely well to the seismic loadings."


Two layers of a high-performance plastic film called ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, or ETFE, fill in the spaces between structural members and are inflated from within to create pillows with a rounded surface. Both the exterior and interior of the 12-foot-thick walls and 22-foot-thick roof have ETFE skins -- the hollow space in between is used for ventilation. This design allows the structure to act like an enormous greenhouse. When the building needs heat, air is circulated from the warm walls into the interior spaces; when the building needs to be cooled, air is pulled up from ground level and expelled through the roof.


Construction of the Water Cube is scheduled to be finished this October, in time for a few trial events. The full-scale splashdown happens August 2008 with the start of the Olympic Games. Considering Beijing's summer heat, don't be surprised if the National Aquatics Center gets mistaken for a mirage.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

kissing competition was held in the Italian

An underwater kissing competition was held in the Italian Adriatic resort town of Riccione on July 8. Claudia Petazzoni (L) and Fidel Rios in the above picture won the title. Quite like the idea to stay cool in a hot summer!

Carlos Slim is the top rich man of the world

Carlos SlimOne finance based website of Mexico declared that Bill Gates is not the top rich man of the world now. Now Mexican telecoms businessman Carlos Slim is the top rich man of the world now.
Total property of:-

Bill Gates: 5920 crore USD
Carlos slim: 6780 crore USD or 3360 crore pound.

The share price of Carlos Slim's telecoms company "America Movil" has recently increased 27% and that's why he crossed Bill Gates as a rocket .

Carlos Slim Helú, born January 28, 1940 in Mexico City, is a Mexican businessman of Lebanese descent. Slim has a substantial influence over the telecommunications industry in Mexico and in much of the rest of Latin America as well. He controls Teléfonos de México (Telmex), Telcel and América Móvil companies. Though he maintains an active involvement in his companies, his three sons Carlos Slim Domit, Marco Antonio Slim Domit and Patrick Slim Domit and his son in law Daniel Hajj Aboumrad, head them on a day-to-day basis.

On July 3, 2007, a report by Mexican financial journalist Eduardo Garcia indicated that Slim's wealth had exceeded that of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, making him the world's wealthiest person. Recent gains in his shares in the America Movil group are largely responsible for his recent increase in wealth, boosting his fortune to an estimated $67.8 billion dollars compared with $59.2 billion dollars for the Microsoft mogul Bill Gates.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The first bikini hairdresser's

The first bikini hairdresser's "Heaven" opens in Virginia, Oct. 10. All the hairdressers in the shop are young women in bikini.

women in bikini
women in bikini
women in bikini
women in bikini

Saturday, July 07, 2007

NASA Drops Million on Toilet

Tension is bound to flare over the $19 million toilet NASA purchased from Russian aerospace firm RCS Energia, as only half of the International Space Station will enjoy the upgrade—the American side. The toilet justifies its steep price by being able to recycle urine as drinkable water, Waterworld-style.

The Russian half of the station is stuck with the old latrine. They'll have to continue to load up one of their unmanned cargo vessels with boxes of their leftovers and send it to burn up in the atmosphere, which is pretty much the equivalent of flushing right now in space.
The new toilet should be familiar to the crew as it is similar to the hole 'n hose model the station has employed since 2000, but it is designed to allow for more privacy. As water is notably scarce in orbit, the ability to generate an onboard source of it is very important. The US-made filtration system separates water molecules from waste by not letting anything larger than tiny water molecules through.

The fancy new space toilet comes as part of a $46 million upgrade package purchased by NASA. So far, the single toilet on the Russian half of the station is responsible for the crew of three. As the crew size will double to six in 2009, NASA no doubt saw the need for a additional toilet. Six people, one bathroom? Think the Brady Bunch, but in space. If Marcia takes too long dolling it up for the cosmonauts, Jan doesn't bang on the door and yell. She jettisons her.

exceptionally muscular appearance

Big Wendy the muscular whippet

Wendy the Whippet has a genetic disorder that has resulted in an exceptionally muscular appearance.
Bruce Stotesbury, Times Colonist

People mistake her for a pit bull with a pinhead, but Wendy the whippet is one rare breed.

So rare that the Central Saanich dog recently graced the New York Times. She also had several of her photos shown on The Today Show, all because of a rare genetic mutation that has led to her being the Incredible Hulk of dogs.

Wendy is a 27-kilogram rippling mass of muscle. Forget the so-called six-pack stomach: Wendy has a 24-pack. And the muscles around her neck are so thick, they look like a lion's ruff.

"People have referred to her as Arnold Schwarzenegger," says doting owner Ingrid Hansen, stroking Wendy's sleek black coat and white chest.

Wendy was recently part of a genetics study done in the U.S. on mutation in the myostatin gene in whippets, which resemble greyhounds in appearance. The National Institute of Health study reported that whippets with one single defective copy of the gene have increased muscle mass that can enhance racing performance in the breed, known for speeds up to 60 kilometres an hour.

But whippets with two mutated copies of the gene become "double-muscled," like Wendy. It has been seen before in one human, and also in mice, cattle and sheep, says the study.

The uber-muscled whippets are called "bullies," not because of their nature -- Wendy likes nothing better than a good back scratch and isn't shy about sitting in your lap to ask for one -- but because of their size. She's about twice the weight of an average whippet, but with the same height and small narrow head -- and the same size heart and lungs, which means she probably won't live as long as normal whippets.

Hansen has had Wendy, now four, since she bought the dog from a Shawnigan Lake breeder when she was eight months old.

Wendy landed in clover. She lives on an acreage, runs around with other dogs and horses, sleeps on Hansen's bed and pretty much anywhere else she wants to.

People are often afraid when the muscle-bound dog runs up to them on her dainty whippet-thin legs, but they soon realize she's friendly, Hansen said.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Taj Mahal to be in 7 New Wonders

Taj is a beautiful piece of architecture, more beautiful than me. I've always regarded it with admiration as it embodies love," said Ash, a student of architecture, clad in a red saree and looking ravishing as she let go the huge blue balloon marked "N 7 W" (new seven wonders) 100 feet up in the air near the Taj

The balloon, tied to the ground with huge ropes, will remain aloft for three months as part of efforts to mobilize support for the Taj to be reckoned among the new Seven Wonders of the World.

the list of the new 'Seven Wonders of the World' to be officially declared

Taj MahalWhat u think abt new 7 wonders ??? Hope The world famous monument of love Taj Mahal will be in final 7 lists?? Which other will be the part
Your comments are invited

Gold weave Swimsuit

Gold Swimsuit
The lastest 10-million-yen-valued ($82000) gold-weave swimsuit was unveiled by the Japanese largest bullion house Tanaka Kinkinzoku in Tokyo.

The one-piece outfit weighs 500g and needs a month for a weaver to weave using pure gold thread with its diameter of 90 micro-meters that is as thick as a human hair.

Though the swimsuit will definitely make someone shine at the poolside, the precious metal suit is not designed for frolicking in the water.

"The dress and swimsuit can be worn normally like any other clothes but should be treated as jewellery and so shouldn't be washed in the washing machine," a spokeswoman told the media.

A model who wore the golden suit said the suit which goes on sale at the Ginza Tanaka store since July 5 won't leave wearers feeling fleeced but just like swimming in the gold.

Gold Swimsuit

Monday, July 02, 2007

Penang's prime residential properties

PenangPiling works have started on the RM936mil Gurney Paragon mixed development project located at Jalan Kelawei and Gurney Drive

LUXURIOUS high-rise and landed residential properties, with a gross development value in excess of RM1.5bil, will be developed in prime locations of Georgetown and South Seberang Prai over the next five years.

These projects are from Hunza Properties Bhd, Ivory Properties Group and Asas Dunia Bhd. The three property development companies are generally regarded as having the most anticipated projects on the island and mainland. The RM936mil Gurney Paragon mixed development project from Hunza -located at Jalan Kelawei and Gurney Drive - is currently undergoing piling works.

“To attract local and foreign investors and second home buyers, Hunza is investing substantially to preserve and restore the St Joseph's Novitiate chapel as a living heritage (as well as a) masterpiece arts and culture centre,” Hunza executive chairman Datuk Khor Teng Tong said.

“Apart from being an arts and culture centre, it will also house boutique retailers and fine dining restaurants. “To enhance its rich historical and heritage value, Hunza has set aside 60,000 sq ft of prime land as a public Festival Court, which will form the nucleus of all activities with the St Joseph's Novitiate chapel as the showpiece of the development. There will be beautifully landscaped gardens and water features with ample pedestrian walkways.”

At the heart of Gurney Paragon are two condominium towers facing the sea at Gurney Drive and a shopping mall. “There are 260 luxurious condominium units, of which we have sold 10% since the soft-launch, generating about RM38mil.

Also currently under construction by Hunza is the RM220mil Infinity super condominium project, strategically located in the Tanjung Bungah area and facing the sea. “We have sold 10% of the 260 units, which are priced from RM1.4mil upwards,” he said. The units have built-up areas between 3,800 and 4,800sq ft.

PenangThe Ivory Properties Group will develop high-rise and landed properties with a gross sales value of about RM380mil over the next 12 months

From Ivory Properties Group, some 873 high-rise and landed properties with a gross sales value of about RM380mil will be developed over the next 12 months on the island and the mainland. Its general manager Chok Keng Vui said that of these, some 302 units were landed properties and high-rise condominium units which are part of the group's latest Island Resort project, yet to be unveiled. “The Island Resort project is strategically located in Batu Ferringhi. It will be launched later this year during the festive season, targeted at local investors and foreign buyers,” he said.

On the mainland, Asas Dunia Bhd is launching over 1,000 units of residential properties with a gross development value of about RM200mil in South Seberang Prai later this year. Its managing director Datuk Jerry Chan said the group was now moving towards developing higher-end properties. “The projects are located in Nibong Tebal and Sungai Duri, close to the interchange of the upcoming second bridge,” he said. In Nibong Tebal, Asas Dunia is building some 600 units of high-end houses. In Sungai Duri, it is building 90 single-storey semi-detached houses, and 450 low-medium cost properties.
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