Tuesday, July 31, 2007

World's largest camel race

camelA race by 468 camels around a 4km-track in Layoune, in Western Sahara, has, say the organisers, broken a world record with some 100 more entrants than previously recorded - although this is still to be ratified.
It was the high point in a week-long festival celebrating the culture of the Saharawi people.
The entrants included 100 one-humped dromedaries, known as Arabian camels, and 200 Bactrian camels, which have two humps.
Camels need to be in peak physical condition to race.
Younger camels tend to run quicker than their older counterparts, so races are often divided into different categories.
Here, races take place featuring camels either above or below five years old.
camelThe starting line-up
The track was not wide enough for all 468 competitors.
This meant several heats of about 50 camels each were staged over three days.
camelThe race
Camels are known for their stamina and endurance.
They can run over short distances at speeds of about 30km an hour.


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