Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Gold weave Swimsuit

Gold Swimsuit
The lastest 10-million-yen-valued ($82000) gold-weave swimsuit was unveiled by the Japanese largest bullion house Tanaka Kinkinzoku in Tokyo.

The one-piece outfit weighs 500g and needs a month for a weaver to weave using pure gold thread with its diameter of 90 micro-meters that is as thick as a human hair.

Though the swimsuit will definitely make someone shine at the poolside, the precious metal suit is not designed for frolicking in the water.

"The dress and swimsuit can be worn normally like any other clothes but should be treated as jewellery and so shouldn't be washed in the washing machine," a spokeswoman told the media.

A model who wore the golden suit said the suit which goes on sale at the Ginza Tanaka store since July 5 won't leave wearers feeling fleeced but just like swimming in the gold.

Gold Swimsuit


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