Thursday, October 28, 2010

After sex change operations

It's hard to believe, but all these women were born as men.
I remember that I was shocked when I was told that the beautiful Israeli singer Dana International who won the Eurovision Song Contest in the 90's used to be a man.
Let's see the other pics after sex change operations.

Dana International

SEX CHANGE OPERATIONSSinger, Entertainer April Ashley

SEX CHANGE OPERATIONSModel, Entertainer, Socialite Melanie Anne Phillips

SEX CHANGE OPERATIONSTS Support-Site Authoress Jan Morris

SEX CHANGE OPERATIONSWriter Sister Mary Elizabeth


Sex reassignment surgeryThai kick-boxing instructor Leona Lo

Sex reassignment surgeryWriter Harisu

Sex reassignment surgeryModel, Entertainer Madeleine Williams

Sex reassignment surgerySystems Engineer Cindy Thai Tai

Sex reassignment surgerySinger, songwriter, make-up artist Yasmene Jabar

Sex reassignment surgeryHomemaker Nong Poy

gender change operationsActress, model Caroline 'Tula' Cossey

gender change operationsActress Leslie Townsend

gender change operationsModel, Comedienne, Author Sara Kristine Becker

gender change operationsFamily Physician, Gender Counselor Donna Rose

gender change operationsIT Project Manager Kate Kira

after Sex ChangeBiologist Christine Beatty

after Sex ChangeSoftware engineer, writer Kelly Van De Veer

after Sex ChangeSinger, Actress Terry Noel

after Sex ChangeShowgirl Sohini Bagchi

after Sex ChangeArtist and textile designer Anna Taylor

female sex change surgeryA woman in stealth

Christine Jorgensen
female sex change surgeryFamous Transsexual Pioneer Canary Conn

female sex change surgeryWriter, composer, singer Phoebe Smith

female sex change surgeryTranssexual pioneer Veronique Renard

female sex change surgeryWriter, Free-Tibet Activist Jenny Hiloudaki

Sex reassignment surgeryModel, Actress Roberta Close

Sex reassignment surgeryModel, Actress Aleshia Brevard

Sex reassignment surgeryActress Ha-Ri-Su

Sex reassignment surgeryModel, Recording Artist


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