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Chubby italy contest | Beauty pageant | Miss cicciona

Miss Cicciona 2010: The Miss Chubby Italy beauty contest
Align CenterChubby italy contestItaly has chosen a full-figured woman as a new beauty queen, proud of her body weighing in at 170 kilograms (375 pounds). Angela Scognamiglio said she was "very moved" when she was named as the new "Miss Chubby" at the beauty contest held in the village of Forcoli, near Pisa. "I am very moved, I feel as if I've won the lottery," the 33-year-old from Naples said after beating 30 other contestants for the title

Chubby italy contestAs in all past 20 editions of the pageant, there is only one condition for entry: you have to weigh more than 100 kilograms, or 15 and a half stone

Chubby italy contestContestants paraded before an audience of 2,500 at a local hotel, wearing gowns, or for those who cared to show more, undergarments. Some even dared a little glamour striptease

Beauty pageantNo big prize for the winner, just a huge cake to share around, and perhaps for all the contestants a boost in self-esteem in contrast to the mockery many obese face. "When we get on a bus, people nudge each other, and whisper, making fun of us, and it's the same on the beach," said redheaded Marilena Amato. "We are the victims of severe discrimination, it's as if we are second class citizens," said another contestant, Antonia Bartolo, a 37-year-old nurse from the Milan region.

Beauty pageantThe contest's founder, Gianfranco Lazzereschi, says the event showcases other types of beauty in women: "Why is it necessary to follow the dictates of what's beautiful?"

Beauty pageantA contestant shows off her long beautiful red gown

Miss ciccionaThis contestant adds a little humour

Miss ciccionacontest make-up application

Miss cicciona
The participants pose for the camera, while doing some friendly gestures


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