Monday, August 30, 2010

Angstro a social network service to compete facebook

Angstro a social network service
Angstro has announced on its website that Google has acquired Angstro. The website post is from Angstro founder Rohit Khare.

It is reported that Google Inc has acquired Angstro in a bid to build a social networking service that can easily and comprehensively compete Facebook Inc.

The financial terms of the deal are yet to be disclosed but it would have been a big deal for Angstro. The Angstro founder Rohit Khare however has said that he remain adheres to Angsro mission of sorting information about individuals on web.

Rohit Khare has written in his post that the quest for open and interoperable social networks is still in its infancy.

According to Rohit Khare, Angstro products include applications to find new photos on Facebook, an improved Caller ID with the help of LinkedIn profiles. He added that Angstro is capable of creating a real-time social address book.

The move of acquiring Angstro by Google is said to be the latest effort by Google to enhance its social networking offers. Google is considered way behind in this area from Facebook and other social networking sites.

Google’s quest for having a social network to compete Facebook emerges more strongly in the wake of failure of Google Buzz, the recent social networking product by Google that fetch it a lot of negative response on privacy issues as users were not satisfied with the way users’ data was handled at Google Buzz.

Angstro is going to add another feather in Google cap but Google still has to go a long way round to find reliability among users as provider of social networking platform.


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