Friday, November 26, 2010

Worlds amazing young photographer

Julia is rapidly developing a reputation as one of the leading young photographers in the country. She has won a large number of awards, and her images have been hung in the National Portrait Gallery, London, at Paris-Photo, at Photo-London, and shown at Arles. She has also had solo exhibitions in London, and contributed to a group show in New York. She has also been profiled in many professional and popular photographic magazines.

Young Photographer
Young PhotographerJulia was born in Bremen, Germany to a German mother and an English father. The family then moved to the United States, and back to Germany, before moving to England in 1986. Julia now lives in London.

Worlds Amazing Photos
Worlds Amazing PhotosAfter graduating with a Diploma in photography from Berkshire College of Art and Design, Julia spent five years as a freelance assistant. During this time, the shoots covered a wide variety of different fields - car advertisement, still-life, fashion, food, location shots, etc. She was able to hone her knowledge and skills, and at the same time begin to develop her own unique style.

Amazing Photography
Amazing PhotographyUniquely, for these shoots, Julia deliberately select girls who are not proffesional models. Once she has the idea for the shoot, she street casts the models. This produces a slight awkwardness in the posture of the models that enhances the unusual surroundings. Another difference is Julia's use of studio lighting to supplement daylight/ She may use as many as seven or eight lash heads to achieve the impression that she wants. This combination of eye for the content of an image, the naturalness of the models, the unusual surroundings, the effect of the lighting all combine to yield a style that identifies her pictures.

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