Thursday, November 04, 2010

Top 10 houseboats show

People have always had a love of the water, and these top 10 houseboats show us exactly how crazy people can get when they design a houseboat for fun and pleasure.

10. Boat Houses at Ellis Boat Harbor
Boat Houses at Ellis Boat Harbor
June 2008, the boat houses from Ellis boat harbor and other debris get smashed against the railroad bridge near Timecheck in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

9. Childs House Boat Playhouse
Childs House Boat Playhouse
Why should adults have all the fun!

8. Oldenberg, Germany
houseboats Oldenberg, Germany
This boat is called the “silberfisch” which means silverfish. It is creating quite a stir for his modern look and unique shape.

7. Flood Or Houseboat?
Houseboat flood
You make the call on this one. It could go either way!

6. Luxury Houseboat
Luxury Houseboat
This is a gorgeous example of a relaxing housebat. This one is called a Kerala House Boats and believe it or not they are created without using a single nail in the actual boat. Now that is amazing!

5. Not Amazing, but it Floats!
Amazing houseboat
Everyone can have a houseboat, just look at that!

4. Luxury Houseboat in St. Paul
Luxury Houseboat in St. Paul
This lady sold everything she owned to purchase and possess this gorgeous houseboat.

3. Who said you needed water for a houseboat?
beached boats
These beached boats are homes and they are boats, so they are houseboats. These house boats were created in 1925 and were a hotel and bath spa. They can now be found in Encinitas, Ca.

2. Submarine
sub house
This guy decided to have a sub house, but hey it is a water going vessel.

1. Adur Shoreham is full of unusual and interesting houseboats
interesting houseboats
This is just one of the many interesting house boat finds in the water.


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