Wednesday, February 18, 2009

T-shirts you regret ever owning | Have you ever owned any of the them

Growing up we all have encountered fashion trends that we have been less than proud of for participating in. While it is easy to pick on leg warmers, jelly shoes, and other ill-conceived fashion trends the one that gets left alone are t-shirts. Today I want to look at five different types of t-shirts that people regret owning. While I might not have owned all of these five I had “friends” that did. Here is a look back at some vintage t-shirts.

CoEd Naked- Nothing says sexy like double entendre based around a common activity. The CoEd naked shirts have covered sports, programs, and activities. The question I have is has any guy ever picked up a woman wearing one. Is there an additional degree of difficulty in doing that if you are wearing a shirt that says, ”CoEd Naked Law Enforcement: Against the wall and Spread Em”?

CoEd Naked

Hyperpcolor- Hypercolor was a line of t-shirts that changed color when you touched them with something really warm or cold. The debuted in the late 80s and were semi popular in the early 90s. My friend Jeff had one and I had to say the thing never worked. Although I am sure there were a lot of females that had their breast groped in order to see if those shirts really worked.


You know… they made shorts maybe I should invest in a pair or two.

The regrettable band shirt- Just about everyone I that I know that has been to a concert owns a regrettable band t-shirt. This is a t-shirt that you just can’t throw away because of the memories it holds but will probably never wear it again. Well unless it becomes a cool retro t-shirt to wear than you will be trying to sell it on e-bay and saying that the hole in the armpit adds to it’s authenticity.

The regrettable band shirt

Big Johnson T-Shirts- If you think the CoEd Naked line was tacky just wait until you see it’s competitor Big Johnson. I really think the whole creative meeting went like this.

Executive 1- We need a new t-shirt design.
Executive 2- How ‘bout a shirt with women with big ole titties and a dorky guy talking about a business but he really means his cock.
Executive 1- It is better than those happy face t-shirts we haven’t been selling since 1981. Let’s run with it.

Big Johnson T-Shirts

No Fear- I am going to come clean right now and admit that I owned two No Fear T-shirts. One of them said, “Second Place is the First Loser…. NO FEAR.”

No Fear T-shirts

This probably explains why I didn’t have a real girlfriend until my junior year of high school.

What are some t-shirts you regret ever owning? Have you ever owned any of the above?


defunkd said...

Me thinks you don't know too much about the world of vintage t-shirts..."regrettable band tee"? These t-shirts have become a collectible, much like the GI Joe dolls you probably have stashed away in your attic!

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