Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas tree made with 80,000 plastic spoons

A team of young taiwanese students as created an impressive christmas tree out of 80,000 plastic spoons, in taichung city.

christmas tree made with plastic spoons in taiwanIn their quest to deliver a message about the environment, this christmas, a team of six students from taiwan’s trans world university have created a unique christmas tree out of 80,000 plastic spoons. The young environmentalists entered a competition for the best christmas tree made of recyclable materials, and their original idea came up on top.

Christmas tree made out of plastics spoonsThe 80,000 plastic spoons used in the making of the tree were provided by the taiwanese branch of kfc, who was probably looking for a way of improving its overall image. After the holiday season, the spoons will be taken to a recycling facility and used to create something useful. Impressed by the feat of these young students, mayor jason hu felt the need to send an environmental message of his own: “christmas must be celebrated in an Eco-friendly way, and it is the same when we choose clothing or when we take a shower.”

Christmas tree made from recycled plastic spoons


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