Friday, June 12, 2009

The oldest mother in the world at the age of 70

Rajo Devi, became the oldest mother in the world, when she gave birth to a child at the age of 70. Hailing from Hisar village in Haryana, Rajo Devi went for in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment to get a child 55 years afer getting married.

This news evoked mixed feelings within me, its good that a couple got a child, but at the same time how will they take care of the child?

Rajo Devi Worlds Oldest Mother
The 72-year old husband, Ram, is not worried of who will look after the child, since they come from a joint family, but he is happy that the social stigma of having a childless marriage
for 55 years has been erased.

Why in India couples bring a new life into the world for all the wrong reasons. Its largely due to the social stigma imposed by the society we live in, that can't live with the fact that a couple is childless.

Woman has to go through lot of pressure from her family and relatives if she is childless, or if a couple decide not have a child due to their urban lifestyle.

The society imposes rules on people who live within the society, thereby conditioning the mindset and thoughts of people. Like in Rajo's case, the couple didn't get a child for 10 years, so the husband married his wife's younger sister with a hope to get a child. Its rather bizarre, because the same society advocates one marriage. Unfortunately, even the second wife couldn't deliver.

IVF treatment
So Rajo went for IVF treatment to create a miracle, she had entered menopause 20 years ago. Won't the child suffer in future? Doesn't a child deserve to be in a good home? I mean they are an old couple, thy might not be around when the child needs them.

Previously, the oldest mother in the world was a 66-year-old Spanish woman who gave birth to twins in 2006 with the help of IVF. In less than a year later, she was diagnsoed with cancer.

Here's an interesting fact - surprisingly, there are quite a few women from india who have become a mother post 60 years of age. A woman from Orissa, gave birth to a son at the age of 65 in 2003. A year later in 2004, 64-year old woman gave birth to her first child in Tamil Nadu.


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