Thursday, April 02, 2009

Latest flagship spa | Cantabria hot tub | Spacious hot tub

Caldera spas are known for their uncanny knack of always doing the perfect thing to make our bodies relax and feel good. Their latest flagship spa goes by the name of Cantabria hot tub that comes equipped with an exceptional hydro massage therapy. The elegant pattern also adds to the magical effect of this great spa.

The UltraMaseuse system in it gives six different massage sequences, with three different speeds, ease your body from head to toe. The wonderful curves of the Cantabria hot tub show the blend of traditional and contemporary styling. In fact, the river rock pattern designed into the bottom of the spa speaks of the stunning workmanship and the attention paid to detail.You can pick your fave from three color/cabinet combinations - Champagne Opal, White Pearl and Sterling Marble with choices in Merlot, Redwood or Coastal Gray EcoTech cabinets. The spacious hot tub can accommodate eight adults and give them a refreshing spa treatment thanks to its 88 jets that work in specific anatomical configurations. The user also has the option of adjusting the lighting system, jets, two Acquarella waterfalls, music, water temperature and cleaning cycles.

Cantabria hot tubCantabria hot tub
Cantabria hot tub
Cantabria hot tub


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