Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Increible bus stop around the world

Increible-bus-stopThis increible bus stop was designed by Dennis Oppenheim in Ventura California

Increible-bus-stopThis bus stop allows skaters to go on a mini ramp attached to a bus stop, it's a Quiksilver ad

Increible-bus-stopSwing on a Bus Stop in London, part of Bruno Taylor's "Playful Spaces" art project

Increible-bus-stopAir-conditioned bus stop, presumably near Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

Increible-bus-stopThe Simpsons Bus stop in Germany, advertising for the movie

Increible-bus-stopThis Star Wars "faux light saber" bus stop ad lights up at night.
The caption says "Use Only In Case of Sith"

Increible-bus-stopSoviet era bus stop

Increible-bus-stopThis living room bus stop was created by Ikea as marketing for the Design Week 2006

Increible-bus-stopAustralia Post Bus Stop Advertisement


Marco EBERT said...

Hej, funny Bus Stops!! But just look at some Bus Stops on the Shetland Islands: http://images.google.ch/images?hl=de&um=1&sa=1&q=Shetland+Islands+Bus+Stop&aq=f&oq= They are realy increible!


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