Saturday, June 16, 2007

15 Thousand People Eat Lobster

during The Seventh China Lobster Festival (which is held from June 11 to 28) in Xuyi County of Jiangsu Province on June 12. People devoured nearly ten tons of lobster made by about 500 cooks during the feast. If you are Chinese-savvy, 52xuyi is a dedidated site to the festival.

People Eat Lobster

A few notes. Actually the 'lobster' referred here is not the clawed lobster that lives in the sea, but a freshwater crayfish: Procambarus Clarkii, which can commomly be found in the place where has the water. Xuyi, is a less developed county with numerous large or middle-scale lakes in my home province Jiangsu, but the crawfish produced from this county has won great fames and made vast revenues from home and abroad. Nowadays even when you are travels in big cities in the province like Nanjing, Wuxi or Xuzhou etc., you can always find Some Xuyi Lobster Restaurants.

People Eat Lobster


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